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Sofa Repair88 Interior Design & builder department are founded & based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


20 Years of Experiences

High Quality Refurbish Service

In the beginning we began as sofa upholstery services provider for  since 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The large demand in the capital city of Malaysia and we also started to provide furniture repair services as requested by our regular customers. As years go by we have completed many projects for Hotels, Hospitals, Housing, Office, Night clubs, luxury car seats, busses and etc. We are professional and experience in modification, new build, repair and renew for the upholstery

We have a long history with providing excellent service to our clients as the quality of our product is always assured.


There may come a time when one of your favorite piece of furniture is aging, but you just don't feel like getting rid of them. These are the time where we can help, we have all the skills required to make your furniture look brand new again!


We offer all type of upholstery services. For any idea for building a new one, modifying, repairing or restoration, please pass it to us and we will make real and up to your  expectation.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to reduce pollution and build a better future for our children. Hence we work hard to make sure the quality of the furniture can be last longer than others. When you think of getting a brand new sofa, why don’t you pass your old sofa to us for transformation? You sofa deserve second life.

Our Guarantee

Up to 5 years guarantee that we have provided to you. Because we know our quality is far more than others.


FREE Pick-up and Delivery

We know our customer are busy, hence we offer to pick-up and delivery by our staff and ensure the furniture is well protected while sending back to you

Our Skill

Refurbish and Repair Sofa

Renew Sofa and Chair

Polish and Cleaning Leather Sofa

Customization & Modification

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